Create the future that you want!  Become clear, confident, and committed to yourself- your best self!  Overcome your fears, remove your barriers, and identify strategies to lead with your best self forward!


Take this course! It will help you brainstorm and solidify the direction you want to go in leading your best self forward. The Self-Navigation course helped me to take a moment for myself and really think about my goals and ways to take action. The videos and worksheets are also very interactive and a lot of fun because Alex brings in a lot of great energy and enthusiasm to what he does! He's very passionate about what he does and truly wants to help people grow and succeed in life! I'm actually taking accountability in leading my best self forward because I can see things from a whole new perspective now. It's a great self-investment, your future self will appreciate you :) - Belle

What's included?

14 Videos
2 Surveys
14 Multimedia
Alex Weber
Alex Weber
Leadership and Peak Performance Instructor

About the instructor

Alex Weber is an International Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Performer, and American Ninja Warrior. Alex is also a World Record Holder5x TEDx SpeakerWorld Championship Athlete, and one of the youngest Coaches ever to be awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year.