LaunchPoint and the National Panhellenic Conference are proud to present the newest version of Recruitment Counselor Training Online! This program, created upon a foundation of student development theory, will help your Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors gain confidence in their role, provide a better understanding of community expectations, and strengthen their individual leadership skills.

The program consists of five online training courses, which can be watched on-demand by users in the convenience of their home, campus or favorite coffee shop. At the conclusion of each course, the user is asked to complete a brief quiz which assesses her understanding of the materials covered.

We know that online learning is only the basis of a good educational program, which is why in-person training resources are provided for campuses to take the general education of the online program and customize it for their unique Panhellenic and campus communities.

“Recruitment counselors are critical to an effective recruitment process for our potential new members and we want them to have the best training, so they are able to do their important job. Recruitment Counselor Training Online is a great resource for any College Panhellenic. Serving as a Recruitment Counselor is a fun and rewarding experience; however, it can be stressful too.  We want the women to be prepared by having the best training possible and the new Recruitment Counselor online training with LaunchPoint provides a comprehensive overview to the mechanics of recruitment as well as the support for the potential new members.” 

- Frances Mitchelson, NPC Panhellenics Chairman

Course Curriculum

Recruitment Counselor Training - Course 1
Recruitment Counselor Training - Course 2
Recruitment Counselor Training - Course 3
Recruitment Counselor Training - Course 4

What's included?

6 Videos
5 Quizzes
2 Surveys
6 PDFs

What others have been saying about this course:

Lauren Smith

Condense and easy to digest

I am in the market for adding material to our community's Recruitment Counselor program and I really enjoyed and appreciate the amount of information and how condensed it is in this curriculum. The videos are informational and not very long, you c...