We developed Potential New Member Orientation to make the process of joining a fraternity easier, better and safer.

PNMO is a self-paced educational tool that serves as a time-saving opportunity for advisors, continuing resource for PNMs throughout the recruitment process and provides consistent education to all PNMs. 

Impactful Education

By utilizing engaging presenters in HD-video, students are far more likely to be active participants - throughout the program, participants complete quizzes, key processing questions to assess understanding and can download valuable resources.

User Friendly

Our learning programs are simple to use on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Fraternity Leadership Introduction

    3. Pre-Program Survey

    1. Overview of Fraternity & Sorority Life

    1. Key Definitions

    2. Stanford Vocabulary and Definitions

    3. Key Definitions Quiz

    4. Key Definitions Handout

    1. Explanation of Fraternity Recruitment

    1. Benefits of Membership

    2. The Stanford Fraternity Experience

    3. Benefits Discussion Questions

    4. Benefits of Membership Handout

    1. Overview of Recruitment Process

    2. Stanford 2022 Recruitment Process

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