We believe it is critical to deliver important ideas which empower parents to better support their students as they arrive on campus, which is why we created New Student Orientation in partnership with CAMPUSPEAK and their talented team of speakers. We came together to bring a virtual orientation program directly to you, wherever you are!

The program features experts giving impactful 5-minute ideas on the following important concepts for parents of new students:

Born Gifted (Nisan Trotter): Revealing their unique gifts and talents to accelerate excellence

Campus Involvement (Dan Faill): Strategies for meaningful engagement in fulfilling activities

Eating Healthy in College (Talia Pollock): Empowering students to reach their highest potential through eating healthy

Grit (Saul Flores): Navigating difficult times to achieve their personal best

Sex & Consent (Dr. Lori Bednarchik): Direct and authentic conversations about sex and consent

Taking Care of Your Mental Health (Lauren Cook): Maintaining positive mental health in college and beyond

The Power of Inclusion (Chevara Orrin): Leaning into, and learning from inclusion

Alcohol & Other Drugs (Bobby Gordon): An honest conversation about alcohol and other drugs

Dating and Relationships in College (Rachel DeAlto): Habits and strategies for building authentic connections and meaningful relationships

Bystander Intervention (Tim Mousseau): Helping students understand sexual violence and empowering efforts to combat it

Civic Engagement (Samantha Ramirez-Herrera): Empowering students to engage civically

Leadership and Achieving Goals (Alex Weber): Inspiring a game plan to establish personal goals to achieve dreams

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Parent Orientation!
Pre-Program Questionnaire
Campus Involvement
Eating Healthy in College
Taking Care of Your Mental Health
The Power of Inclusion
Alcohol & Other Drugs
Dating and Relationships in College
Bystander Intervention
Leadership & Achieving Goals
Post-Program Questionnaire

What's Included

13 Videos
2 Surveys